What is CBD Isolate?

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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate

CBD (Cannabidiol) alone has been the subject of a lot of research. CBD Isolate products are generally around 99% pure CBD. For those who don’t like the hempy taste, and isolate may be the way to go for you as well. Since CBD Isolate contains no terpenes this oil will generally have zero flavor unless, of course, they have added flavors. This also makes for a better choice with cooking or mixing into beverages.

Growing evidence has shown that CBD Isolate has been known to:

Provide significant improvement in regards to mental, physical and social anxiety . As it communicates with serotonin receptors in the brain, CBD can provide both acute and long-lasting effects to reduce fear memory.

Aid in pain relief including chronic and difficult-to-treat pain, pain associated with headaches, and multiple sclerosis. As it naturally reduces inflammation, CBD’s impact on tendonitis, psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis nothing short of miraculous.

Scientific and Clinical Research, much of it sponsored by the US Government, support CBD’s Potential as a treatment for an extensive range of other various conditions:

Acne, ADD/ADHD, Addiction, ALS, Alcoholism, Alzheimer’s , Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Bipolar, Cancer, Colitis/Crohn’s, Chronic Pain, DepressionDiabetes, Epilepsy, Seizures, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Migrains, Mood Disorders, Motion Sickness, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Neuropathy, Obesity, OCD, Parkinson’s, Psychosis, PTSD, Rheumatism, Schizophrenia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Sleep Disorders, Stress, Tendonitis, Thyroid Disease and More.

These products have not been approved by the FDA